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How to re-activate your Gigbuilder

Scott Rosano

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

Careful consideration has been put into our nonpayment routines so that your client will not be affected should your Gigbuilder become suspended.  This article will explain how to reinstate your service and a work-around until service is fully restored.

Invoices are due in full on the expiration date.  You should have received an email if your payment method was unsuccessful.  Invoices and the ability to pay are also available to you from Gigbuilder or your account at -- either payment will work.

There is an overdue extension of one week where you'll encounter a payment message on the dashboard.  At this point your Gigbuilder is still fully functional.  You should only see this notice if your payment was not applied for the current billing period.

One week after the overdue statements appear, your Gigbuilder will lock out with a suspension notice.  There are several options:  Pay the invoice, click LIVE HELP and we will walk you through it, KNOWLEDGEBASE has this article, and the FACEBOOK group is also monitored by us.

In the case of Overdue or Suspension, the quickest remedy is to pay your invoice which will allow you to change payment methods (card, paypal, etc).  Either click the link (or button) or navigate to billing:  Tools -> System Config -> Billing

Once paid, your Gigbuilder should restore within 20 minutes.  You can use the menu options to access all of Gigbuilder BUT the homepage will remain locked until your software is updated.  For example, if you need to get access to today's events, click Schedule -> Booked

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