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Set your daily availability for date checking

Scott Rosano

Last Update 2 年前

To make it possible for people to check availability you must tell Gigbuilder how many simultaneous events you can handle on any day of the week.

We can do this by simply providing a number (i.e. 3 would mean you could do three events on that day) or by System (you have 3 systems, so you can book three per day).  

Navigate:  Tools -> System Configuration -> Availability/Office Hours

Locate:  Booking Engine


You may select to configure by day of week or by system.  Change Service Booking to Use Available Systems if you want to specify availability based on your system availability.  This is an advanced feature and most users prefer to book by day of week.


This should be left at the default unless you have multiple services (dj, photo, photo booth, etc.) and plan to use Gigbuilder for one of the additional services.  This is also an advanced option and most should leave it alone


Select the maximum events you can perform on any given day.  Single ops should set a value of 1 for each day you are available.  For example, if you take Monday and Tuesday off, set those numbers to zero and supply 1 for the remaining days.

Multi-Ops should set this number to at least ONE HIGHER than your total systems since one or more may be able to perform twice in one day.

Once satisfied, click SAVE and your booking engine will now use these numbers to determine availability.

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