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Set or change your client login password

Scott Rosano

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Your client requires a password and event date to access their online planner.  It can be set by the client when checking availability, provided in the event worksheet, or set a password in the client record.

1.  Prospect may either create a password or Gigbuilder can automatically generate a password using a form option.  You may choose to hide the field (default), Create a random password automatically, Create a password using the client's last name, or permit a field so that the prospect may create their own.

Navigate:  Tools -> Web Tools -> Date Checker

Locate: Additional Options

Modify: Client Password

2.  Create a password from an event by opening an event, clicking edit (or double click mouse), finally adding a password to the client record.  Next to the login password field is a + button.  Press that and change the password.

Navigate:  any event

Locate: Primary Client

Modify: Login Password

3.  Change password in client record by selecting a client, editing the record, and saving their password.

Navigate:  Resources -> Clients -> Open Client & edit

Locate: Client Name & Address

Modify: Password

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