Guest Request System

Event guests can make song requests

Scott Rosano

Last Update 10 bulan yang lalu

Event guests can login and request music using our Guest Request System which is handled in each event record.  Simply open the event where guests need access and click EDIT (or double-click), then provide guest request information which can be found on the Music tab.

Navigate:  Open and edit any event

Locate:  Music -> Guest Request System

Update: any of the following fields

  • Event Name (optional) - will display this information instead of the Gigbuilder-generated event name. Your guest will see this information when logging in. For example, your event may be a high school reunion and You'd like the event name to show: 'Welcome Class of 95' instead of 'Boring High School Reunion'
  • Post Login Message (optional) - provides a message to the guest after they login. You may want to provide some extra instruction, for example.
  • Request Count: How many songs can the guest select
  • Close Requests: Locks system X days before an event so that you are not scrambling for music at the last moment
  • Event Code: Create a code that will be easy to remember. All guests need this code along with the event date to access the system.
  • Event PIN (not suggested): Create a PIN (any number of characters) which is then provided to the guests in an email or from the client. They will use this pin along with the event code to login. This is a universal PIN and is not client-specific. 

In the example above, a first-time guest would click REGISTER and provide their first name, last initial, and cell number.  Gigbuilder creates a record and sends (via text message) their personal PIN number to use for login.

If you created a universal PIN for this account, the guest simply provides the date, event code, and universal PIN.  The advantage is additional simplicity but the drawback means all guests will appear as one.

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