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Accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and others

Scott Rosano

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If you would like to take online payments (other than Paypal) you'll need to integrate a merchant account with Gigbuilder.

We support the following services:

  1. Mastercard/Visa Program
  2. Square Processing
  3. Stripe Processing
  5. Secure form only
  6. Paypal (not in this help document)

Navigate:  Tools -> System Config -> Integrations

Locate: Merchant Services

For the purpose of this article we will concentrate on Merchant Integration. (CDG Commerce)

If you are enrolled in our merchant program, your login ID and key should automatically appear.  If not, click on the LIVE HELP icon so we can troubleshoot.  Our CDG option is automatic and there is nothing to configure other than selecting as the merchant.

Stripe Processing

One of the most popular payment processors also has instant access and no monthly fees.  If you already have Stripe, login and paste the credentials, otherwise Create your free account. 

You'll need a publishable key and secret key which can both be obtained by clicking the DEVELOPER link, then API Keys.  Copy and paste both values into Gigbuilder, then save.  You are now ready to accept payments using the Stripe Service.

Square is another very popular program which also has no monthly fees and can be instantly configured.  You'll need a free square account  - then just CLICK the [Authorize SQUARE] button and Gigbuilder will handle the rest. is a popular service used by many credit card processors to permit web-based transactions.  If your provider uses, we'll need two pieces of information.  

Login to


Click 'API Credentials & Keys

Copy the API Login ID and paste it into the Gigbuilder "API Login ID" field.

Finally, you'll need a transaction key.  Click OBTAIN NEW TRANSACTION KEY (seen above) and once generated, copy and paste that into the Gigbuilder "Transaction Key" field.  

Save your work.

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