Music Request System

Let your clients pick music and special songs

Scott Rosano

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Setting up a music library is quite simple, and once completed your clients can search for music, listen to songs, and categorize them into lists.

Begin by setting up the database.  You can upload your own list or use our built-in extensive library (most popular).  

Click Tools -> Web Tools -> Song Request System

Each option on this page will determine how the widget is shown to your client.  Take a few minutes and determine the best options for your particular situation.

The remaining configuration is to determine the type of database (ours, yours, or combined) and some additional sorting options. 

Navigate to:  Tools -> System Configuration -> Media Services

Now select: Music Database Setup.

The first field determines the type of database to use.  Most people select the default library as it contains most all popular songs and is updated daily.  You can choose to upload your own database (song list) or combine the two.

Much of our music has been categorized for genre and explicit language (among other things).  If you do not want a song to appear that is not suitable for minors (and many adults), turn on that filter.

Press SAVE

Finally we need to give permission to the client application to allow requests.

Navigate to: Tools -> Web Tools -> Client Options

Among other things, the option to REQUEST MUSIC should be clicked.

Press SAVE

Your client can now request music online with their phone or computer.

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