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Google Meet Setup

Scott Rosano

Last Update 10 months ago

If you want a simple, easy-to-use, free virtual meeting solution, Google Meet may be the answer.  It requires linking Gigbuilder with Google Calendar which can be found here.

Once connected, configure Meet for Gigbuilder

Locate:  Tools -> System Config -> Virtual Meetings

Select: Google Meet (Virtual Meeting Service) and optionally select to show/hide client links (default - show)


Once saved, each appointment/meeting created will automatically contain a valid Google Meet link. This doesn't mean every meeting must be virtual, we just grab a unique id for all of them.  

To ENGAGE the Virtual Meeting, you must select either Virtual Meeting or Web Conference as the meeting type and once the meeting is saved, a copy will be generated in Google Calendar (or updated), an entry for the appointment will appear in Gigbuilder and your gCalendar.  If your client's email is associated with a Google Calendar, they will also receive the invite along with the meeting code.

Depending on your settings the client will receive an instant text/email with a confirm button/link along with a link to start the meeting.

Your client may also join the meeting by logging into their client center and joining the meeting.

You can also customize your meeting room, camera, backgrounds, etc.  The following video from Google explains how to do it.

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